From October 25th through November 15th the Four Winds is in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

A Great Maui Activity for Kids!

Safety First!

We firmly believe in making sure that you and your family are safe while you enjoy all the snorkeling fun!  Each of our crew members are Red Cross certified and excellent swimmers. While snorkeling, we additionally make sure there is ample crew, both in and out of the water, for your assistance and safety. We also have a certified scuba diver in the water for those that SNUBA.

Stellar Crew!

Ultimately it's our crew that gives the Four Winds II its personality.  They really know how to make sure that every passenger, especially the kids on board, gets the attention they deserve and that everyone has fun! And our crew loves kids! They know how to ensure their safety and each crew member goes all-out when it comes to making sure that everyone is having a great time! Even our Captain gives the kids a chance at the helm and take turns at driving the boat when the opportunity permits. How cool is that! A fun crew and Four Winds II will make your family's Maui snorkeling tour a truly memorable experience!


Yup, we have a waterslide onboard, for kids and adults to enjoy!  Slide down and it will shoot you out into the clear blue ocean waters! This fun feature is just one of the things that adds to the fun on the Four Winds II.  Once off the slide, there is a swim-up staircase, located on the bow of the boat not far from the slide, that makes it really easy to get back onboard to go down the waterslide again for another splash!

Glass Bottom Viewing Room!

No other boat has this!  And our Glass Bottom Viewing Room is always a hit with kids and families! You do not even have to be a swimmer to get the sensation of being right in the middle of the snorkeling action, when you sit in safety and comfort and see all the amazing underwater sights. Click here to read more about this cool feature.

Fun Food!

While other boats may serve fancier fare, the Four Winds II serves up a hearty, all-American, barbecued, delicious, lunch! And we BBQ right onboard!  We believe that a fun trip should feel like a summer's day picnic out at sea every day! Nobody goes hungry with tiny portions on our boat! This is one of the reasons why so many families, who return to Maui year-after-year, choose the Four Winds II, again and again, for their preferred snorkeling adventure. Our BBQ is just simply yummy! So delicious, in fact, that over the years many of the crews from other boat companies, moored nearby, have actually swam-over to the Four Winds II to get some of our BBQ lunch for themselves. Now that says something about our food!

Added Gear for Kids!

Four Winds has free use of kids-size masks and snorkels, kids-size wetsuits rentals (available at our onboard rental store), free use of view port boards (like a boogie board but with a glass port built in so you can see what is below without even getting your head wet), float boards, water noodles, and free snorkeling instruction for kids.

SNUBA for the Whole Family!

For a nominal added cost, we offer SNUBA for kids and adults. This is a blast for the adventurous kid that wants to experience this incredible activity. It is totally safe and unlike scuba, it does not require certification or wearing heavy and cumbersome gear. In fact the whole family can do this activity and it is something that can really make your family's Maui vacation memorable. Check out more about SNUBA here.

Cool Fish Tattoos!

Yup, if you like, you can even show-off your Four Winds II pride with a free, hypoallergenic, temporary tattoo! Our super-fun puffer fish tattoo is a real hit with kids and well, yes, even with the adults who are still kids at heart too!

Four Winds Is Truly The Boat For Family!

From the very young, to the young-at-heart, Four Winds is the boat for the entire family and anyone of every age! All of us at Maui Classic Charters truly recognize how precious each and every moment you have with your children and family are and we know how valuable your vacation time is too! We work hard to provide your family with a trip, and the excellent experience, that will create memories to last a lifetime!

For many years, the Four Winds II has participated in helping to assist the Make-A-Wish Foundation in making it possible for children, with life-threatening medical conditions, to experience our trip at no cost to them. While we take an active role in caring about the environment, conservation and marine life preservation the Four Winds II cares most of all about people! That is why we continue to participate with providing fun to kids in need and donate many trips annually towards this worthy cause.