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Our Snorkel Trip Comparison Assistant



Snorkel Tour


Snorkel Tour


Trip Duration 5 hours 3.5 hours 5 hours
Snorkel Time 2 hours 1 hour 2.5 hours
Tropical Breakfast Yes   Yes
Mid-Morning Snack     Yes
Hot Grilled BBQ Lunch Yes available option
for $8 extra
Afternoon Cookies Served Yes   Yes
Number of Snorkeling Sites 1 1 multiple
Snorkeling at Molokini Crater* most frequently sometimes frequently
Snorkeling at
Coral Gardens
sometimes most frequently limited because of
multiple sites
More Time Inside the Crater* most frequently sometimes limited because of
multiple sites
Chance to Snorkel with Turtles** limited because of
off-shore site
occasionally most frequently
Dolphin Watching occasionally occasionally more frequently
Turtle Watching** Yes Yes Yes
Best for Teens & Tweens Yes Yes Yes
Best for Families with Small Kids Yes Yes No
Best for Thrill-Seekers No No Yes
Best for Grandparents Yes Yes No
Lots of Shade & Large Cabin Yes Yes No
Slow & Relaxed Cruising Speed Yes Yes No
Glass-Bottom Viewing Room Yes Yes No
Perfect for Late-Risers No Yes No
Less Passengers Per Day No No Yes
More Like Ocean Rafting No No Yes
Private Restrooms Onboard Yes Yes Yes
Waterslide Yes Yes Yes
First-Time Snorkelers Welcome Yes Yes Yes
Free Sodas, Iced Tea, Filtered Water & Juice Yes Yes Yes
Free Wine & Beer Yes Yes Yes
SNUBA Available Yes Yes Yes


(Incl. Internet Discount)


Ages 3-12
Under Age 3 - FREE


Ages 3-12
Under Age 3 - FREE


Ages 5-12
No Kids Under 5 Please


(Incl. Internet Discount)




  Morning Afternoon Maui Magic
* Our Morning Snorkel Trips SUCCESSFULLY reach Molokini Crater 95% out of the year! Reaching Molokini depends upon daily weather, wind and wave conditions. In the afternoon, Maui's prevailing tradewinds and ocean conditions often make it difficult to reach Molokini. Should we not be able to make the crater that day, our optional snorkeling site is another great spot known as Coral Gardens.
** We DO SEE turtles 95% of the time on all our trips! However, sea turtles are dependent upon nature and location. Molokini does not typically attract turtles, because of the crater's off-shore distance away from Maui, so our turtle encounters occur closer to Maui's shorelines.